2020 Victorious Advances From A Conviction Of Truth

2020 Victorious Advances From A Conviction Of Truth

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How has the sin and/or pain of your past retarded your growth and development as a Child of God? What bad habits have you developed? What sinful carcasses of your past have you anchored yourself into, so as to hinder your progress? What do you need to think differently about life, love, and God in order to begin/restart you advance in godliness? Who will you confide in, so they hold you accountable to consistently do those things that cause advancement? Pray on it! Stay on it! Grow from it! Advance with it! Message key for this week (understand) : If you really are a Child of GOD, EVERYONE who sees you should realize it! Remember to pray for your pastors, your church, and your nation.


Pastor Paul I. Bennett is the co-founder and senior pastor of Community Christian Church.

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