Breaking The Addiction To Technology And Social Media

Breaking The Addiction To Technology And Social Media

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Point To Ponder:

Apart from your requirements for safety and work, I would like you to abstain from technology and social media for the next 7 days and replace it with reading your Bible, prayer, and face to face fellowship time with family and fellow believers.
1. Keep a hand written journal of how you felt.
2. Journal ( hand written privately) how others in your household are behaving during this week. Did you or others cheat during the week? Why? Did your or other’s  behavior change? Why?

Message key for this week (memorize) : Joshua 1:8 YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING YOUR WAY PROSPEROUS. It may take time but be patient and persistent.

Remember to pray for your pastors, your church, and your nation.


Pastor Paul I. Bennett is the co-founder and senior pastor of Community Christian Church.

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