JESUS CHRIST: The LORD of The Harvest

JESUS CHRIST: The LORD of The Harvest

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Those believers who have EARS TO HEAR what the SPIRIT saith unto the church are not allowing themselves to be distracted by the demonic distractions of the world system. The focus of true believers is souls for the kingdom and the spiritual growth and well being of the righteous. Listen to GOD not men. Harvest souls for Christ! Message key for this week: YOU CAN’T HAVE THE HARVEST YOUR WAY! JESUS IS LORD OF THE HARVEST. Remember to pray for your pastors (for continued clarity and accuracy in hearing from and speaking for God & for HIS MANIFESTED LOVE, POWER AND GRACE TO CONTINUE TO DO THINGS GOD’S WAY AND NOT MAN’S), your church (THAT WE WOULD BE A LIGHTHOUSE FOR LOST SOULS WHO ARE GROPING IN THE DARKNESS OF SIN & A COMPASSIONATE EXAMPLE TO FELLOW BELIEVERS OF HOW TO WALK IN GOD’S REST EVEN THOUGH THE WORLD WALKS IN FEAR), and our nation. God wants to heal our land, but we must humble ourselves and PRAY, seek God’s face, turn from OUR wicked ways by BEING GODLY IN THE WORDS WE SPEAK/TEXT/POST AND BEING GODLY IN OUR ACTIONS/FEELINGS TOWARD OTHERS. Pray for your own Spiritual eyes to see clearly IN THE SPIRIT. Pray for people who stopped going to church to start virtually attending and then physically return. Reach out to them in God’s love. SEND THEM ALL OUR SERVICE LINKS. Pray for our nation’s leaders on BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE. Pray for the lands of our birth if it’s not America, and their people, leaders, and GOD’s SAINTS strategically positioned for end time harvest. Pray for the world according to John 3:16-17.


Pastor Paul I. Bennett is the co-founder and senior pastor of Community Christian Church.

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