Triple "A" Living In Christ part 2

Triple “A” Living In Christ part 2

In this message, Pastor Paul begins to discuss the benefits of being a part of the ‘membership’ of the body of Christ…..he continues focus on what it means to abide in Christ with a particular emphasis on the fallacy of the grace teaching (once saved always saved).



Our Daily Bread (Deacon Carol Aarons):


Points To Ponder:

Over a decade ago the Lord showed us an imbalance in the prosperity teachings which are now being corrected in the Body of Christ. A similar imbalance has sprouted up in grace teachings which God is also now addressing in His church. Why, with respect to the ABIDING LIFE, is a Biblical balance between grace for salvation and works in salvation beneficial for 1. The world. 2. The church and 3. Individual Christians?


Pastor Paul I. Bennett is the co-founder and senior pastor of Community Christian Church.

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