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Wardrobe Choices

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Pastor's Corner

Romans 13:14 declares, “But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof.”

This scripture is an imperative for adherence in these days in which we are living. There are innumerable opportunities bombarding our nation and the church to fulfill the lust of the flesh. To do this is to turn our backs on the living Word of God, who saved us, and who WILL keep us. But beloved, do not be deceived! Christians and sinners alike will reap what we sow. This is why, daily, we must put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

The expression, “put ye on” comes from a Greek word, endyo, which means to sink into (clothing), put on, clothe one’s self. Clothes don’t put themselves on. You have to choose to put them on. You imagine the outfit….shirt, tie, suit, shoes or dress, earrings, purse, shoes….then you physically get the pieces and put them on. You choose what you will wear for the day or for the occasion. So we must also do with Christ.

In order to make no provisions for the flesh, we must plan daily to clothe ourselves in Christ. We should adorn ourselves with prayer, praise, and God’s Word. We must choose to walk in love towards others. We must choose entertainment that does not dishonor God, nor poison our souls. We must make a concerted effort to do as Jesus would have done, speak as Jesus would have spoken, and love as Jesus would have loved were He in our daily situations. When you spend time picking out your outfit, you will never accidentally put on something that you had not intended wearing. Your planned wardrobe will be your worn wardrobe.

Temptations abound beloved. We are tempted with sex, the love of money, power, fame, we are tempted to lie and cheat, be unforgiving or overbearing, et. al. But these are all clothing choices. The man who does not plan his wardrobe will haphazardly throw on anything at the last moment. The world says, “Dress for success.” The Word says, “Dress and be blessed.” Make a decision to put on Jesus each day. It will make the day a better one, and God will be honored and pleased.

Have you planned today’s outfit?